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Quantum Jump 2016 : Mingyu Song

Mingyu Song

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

08/23/16 - 09/18/16


Mingyu Song, by using motifs of certain aspects of modern society such as fetish, symbolism, urban development, has been presenting his works in the forms of drawing, painting, and installation. His love for Science-Fiction movies is displayed through his works in recreating certain images of SF movies into the images on canvas, and in symbolizing everyday images as graphic works.

Mingyu Song's exhibition, The Atlantic at the Edge of Pool based on his recent trip to Thailand, is a place where he experiments the interactions between languages and images, the signifier and the signified. His eagerness in coming up with the Atlantic Ocean after his persistent swimming practice resembles the sequence that main characters of SF movies inevitably go through, and his work process during which he completes a solid surface of his works by improvising images and repeating moves. Song's another work of multi-dimensional installation exhibits how Song embodies and aligns the images acquired through his life and how he structurally compounds those elements into multi-layered surface.

Quantum Jump, a physics term meaning abrupt change from one energy level to another, is the title of this series of exhibitions, since 2015. Gyeonggi Creation Center(GCC) and Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art(GMoMA) together choose 4 resident artists of GCC and, at the Project Gallery of GMoMA, exhibit those emerging artists' artworks, which are made during their residency period. By presenting them and their works to the public, GCC and GMoMA hope to provide the artists with stepping stone for further works, and the audience with various exhibition contents to ponder upon. Just as Quantum Jump in physics, these works of resident artists that are distinct but put together will project explosive energy and take it to the next level.