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Quantum Jump 2016 - Seokjun Ha

Seokjun Ha

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

08/23/16 - 09/18/16


The second runner of Quantum Jump, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art’s collaborative exhibition project with Gyeonggi Creation Center is Seokjun Ha and he presents six works through his solo, Sweet Energy, particularly including installation work based on 3D printing technology and a video piece streaming via Youtube. Ha mainly explores the relationship between media and contemporary men indulging in technology in the high-tech age.

Quantum Jump, a physics term meaning abrupt change from one energy level to another, is the title of this series of exhibitions, since 2015. Gyeonggi Creation Center(GCC) and Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art(GMoMA) together choose 4 resident artists of GCC and, at the Project Gallery of GMoMA, exhibit those emerging artists' artworks, which are made during their residency period. By presenting them and their works to the public, GCC and GMoMA hope to provide the artists with stepping stone for further works, and the audience with various exhibition contents to ponder upon. Just as Quantum Jump in physics, these works of resident artists that are distinct but put together will project explosive energy and take it to the next level.