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Myoungwook Huh : Overlaying

Myoungwook Huh

Arario Gallery, Seoul

10/27/16 - 12/04/16


For artist Myoungwook Huh, traces and color that time leaves behind are something formative that allows us to reflect on the end and extinction of an object or existence, while lacquer is the most idealistic medium that enables his inspiration to grow inside. Artist Huh, since 2008, the year when he started to use Korean lacquer instead of paint, has sought inclusive expression of time and space which may artificially be materialized by humans and at the same time is headed towards extinction in the course of nature. The color growing dense because of intrinsic nature of natural materials called "lacquer" gets adjusted to metal canvas that the artist made on his own as well as to canvases in general until it takes on a variety of colors. Such overlaid traces allow viewers to feel the heaviness across the boundary characterized by dichotomy. The exhibition introduces his own artist expression focusing on looking at the nature of an object, not on superficial level, by putting layers of different colors in a place.