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Heaven Beak : Nangpae "wolf and wolf"

Heaven Baek

Arario Gallery, Seoul

02/09/17 - 03/26/17


Gallery Arario Seoul presents Heaven Baek’s solo exhibition from 9th Feb to 26th March. She explores how individual and society gathers to each other and further more, its narratives on social engagements and boundaries on them. Her new series of new works deals with how a person linked to another in mediums of video, photograph and installation.

Nangpae means Troubled in Korean. The word itself came from imaginary animal from ancient Chinese tale. A wolf named Nang has front legs and the other called Pae has hind legs. They have very different characters as much as their looks that make them a perfect whole. But they fall a part when they argue – then we use a phrase saying we just saw Nangpae!

Baek presents how Nang and Pae find their way to be in agreement to survive and its relationship to mass. The work in basement floor collapse on the first day and reconstruct by audiences. This will be finalized on the last day of exhibition and audiences are becoming each other’s Nang and Pae., so as the relationship with the artist.