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Kiwoun Shin: The world is GRAY

Kiwoun Shin

Space: Willing N Dealing, Seoul

07/06/17 - 07/27/17


Artist Statement

This exhibition has started from my answer to a prolonged question, ‘Does an absolute good and evil exists in the world?’ My answer to this abstract question is that “The world is in GRAY.” We usually describe good as white and evil as dark color, but can we truly divide the world into two absolute colors? I rather believe the world is in gray on the ‘Scale of Good and Evil,’ and we recognize a subject in darker or lighter gray color rather than black and white. In this exhibition, I tried to express the abstractness of recognition in value judgement in two different visual recognition methods. The one method is that using a ‘crusher,’ I crush various objects till they become powder. Then I spread the powder across the surface of a canvas and write a text of an original color of the crushed object on it. Another method is to put a gray color on top of colored objects to create an installation and a media work that are designed to make viewers conceive the installed objects, painted in different gray tones, as ones in a black and white television set.