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Meekyoung Shin : Solo Show

Meekyoung Shin

Space K , Gwacheon

07/11/16 - 09/09/16


Kolon Group’s culture sharing house, Space K, holds a renowned sculptor Meekyoung Shin’s solo exhibition for celebrating the fifth anniversary of Space K, Gwacheon. As a part of Kolon’s Summer Culture Festival, which has promoted cultural exchanges among Gwacheon locals for years, this exhibition shows various soap sculpture series of Meekyoung Shin. After graduating from Seoul National University and Slade School of Fine Art (UK), the artist has actively produced and showed her works in both Seoul and London. The artist has received a global recognition via her sculpture series that replicate cultural relics with soaps. Her works mainly question on ‘History and Time’ and ‘Zeitlichkeit and Relativity.’ This exhibition at Space K, Gwacheon, includes Painting Series, Weathering Series, Toilet Project, and Translation Series.